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Country: Greece
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 672287
    Overall Budget: 71,429 EURFunder Contribution: 50,000 EUR

    Clean water, electricity and communication are crucial for human well-being and sustainable socioeconomic development. Their provision is in deficiency in most rural areas of the world and in specific Mediterranean areas of Europe. Yet, solutions for the above needs are developing very slowly due to lack of funds and the risks associated with payments for the supplied services. The proposing SME aims to develop and demonstrate an optimised packaged system (WETPaC) to provide these services in a low carbon, energy efficient and sustainable way. Key to overcome the relevant barriers is the development of a remote maintenance and operation system as well as the introduction of smart payment methods for electricity and water. The innovative aspects of WETPaC will facilitate its financing. This will lead to the involvement of local entrepreneurs who will develop a sustainable business in selling electricity, water and services (e.g. electricity, air conditioned shelters, etc.) to telecom companies. The main objective of the proposed project is to perform a feasibility assessment and a detailed business plan for the successful implementation of WETPaC. Based on the results of “Phase1”, the proposing SME plans to develop and demonstrate a prototype with the help of investors and/or “SME – instrument – Phase 2”. WETPaC will address a global challenge based on European design, components and equipment. Successful commercialisation will provide valuable services that will improve quality of life and will consequently help develop new jobs in Europe as well as in developing countries. The feasibility study will have as priority the Greek islands where it is suitable for touristic businesses and Philippines where it can supply villages. Other countries will be also examined. During the study, the proposing SME will contact key stakeholders and potential customers. It will also examine possible technical features that could make the product more affordable and attractive.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 754171
    Overall Budget: 1,058,760 EURFunder Contribution: 1,058,760 EUR

    Seven major municipalities in the Athens Metropolitan Area join efforts to launch showcase energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, utilizing innovative financial tools and attracting private investments. The projects comprise energy efficiency interventions in 116 municipal buildings, integration of a total 3.2 MW of photovoltaics on the roofs of these buildings and re-lamping for the municipal lighting. Total energy savings is 45.6 GWh/y and renewable electricity production is 4.8 GWh/y. Total cost for interventions is 20.24 M€ and the PRODESA cost is 1.06 M€. To achieve its objectives, the project shall focus on optimal bundling of the fragmented municipal projects to achieve considerable size, reasonable payback time and risk diversification. Bundling is also expected to lower processing costs. Pooling of resources is used to optimize financial results for all parties and to ensure high participation of ESCOs in the tenders. The newly introduced National Revolving Fund for Energy Efficiency and the Utility ESCO Fund will be part of the pool. Pooling will facilitate the exploitation of innovative financing schemes. Crowdfunding has been recently introduced in the Greek legislation and this tool will be carefully studied and applied. PRODESA is the first of its kind effort in Greece and aims to significantly contribute to the Energy Performance Contracting take-off. For this reason the project consortium has pooled together Key Actors such as the National Center for energy efficiency, the European Crowdfunding Network and entities with technical, financial and legal expertise. Being a showcase project, it emphasizes on capacity building, replicability, dissemination and exploitation of results. Two replicator municipalities are directly involved in the project and a network of at least 30 replicators will be initiated with the help of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece.

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