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Country: Germany


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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101059954
    Overall Budget: 5,063,630 EURFunder Contribution: 5,063,630 EUR

    The vision of FOSTER is to build a foundation from which a new Knowledge and Innovation System (KIS) for Europe’s food system can emerge. The current structure is insufficient to address the emerging challenges of nourishing people in a healthy and sustainable way. Key objective is to gain insights into how it can be built to be more inclusive and better governed. FOSTER shall help to transform Europe’s food system outcomes and will achieve this by: - building a FOSTER Platform including food system-state of the art knowledge, foresight by semi-automated Horizon scanning, trend and threats-analysis and new multi-dimensional scenarios of EU food systems to 2040; - implementing the FOSTER Academy -including 4 Summer Schools- for integrating food system-related disciplines and citizen science to enhance food system understanding across the ERA; - initiating and assessing a co-creation and co-learning process within six national resp. regional Citizen Driven Initiatives (CDIs), in which new knowledge, strategies and Action Research Agendas are gained; - scaling out and deep CDIs solutions and approaches to other territorial contexts; - studying different R&I mechanisms of policy support for mission-oriented R&I policy for food systems transformation, and analysing and ground-proofing them in each CDI; - strengthening science-policy interfaces by co-learning processes with external experts and developing recommendations for food systems R&I policies tailored to different geographies and sectors; - identifying the trigger points to help ‘unlock’ system lock-ins and support further dynamics towards system transformation; - and applying reflective monitoring on all FOSTER’s co-learning activities to develop insights into how the KIS can be broadened from an agricultural-KIS to a food system-KIS. To inspire adoption of FOSTER learnings, over 20 workshops and a final conference will be conducted; scientific position papers and policy briefs will be widely communicated.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 727973
    Overall Budget: 4,999,930 EURFunder Contribution: 4,999,930 EUR

    TRUE - (TRansition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe) is a 22 partner consortium covering business and society actors from legume commodity production, processing, and citizens. TRUE is underpinned by science excellence in the natural and social sciences, and humanities. The main aim of TRUE is to identify and enable transition paths to realise successful legume-supported production systems and agri-feed and -food chains. This is achieved via: a true multi-actor approach that balances environmental, economic- and social-securities by minimising environmental impact; optimising diversity and resilience in commercial and environmental terms throughout the supply chain; and delivery of excellent nutrition to ensure the highest possible states of health and wellbeing for people and animals. TRUE will achieve this using a series of 15 farm networks and 7 supply chain focused innovation Case Studies to characterise key mechanisms and associated ecosystem services indicators. This will empower the production of popular and novel legume-based products on the basis of improved market perspectives and capabilities, including short supply chains. Advanced mathematical approaches using Life Cycle Analysis, and socioeconomic and multi-attribute modelling will create unique Decision Support Tools to identify optimal transition paths to ensure legume supported systems are profitable from ‘the push’, of production, to ‘the pull’ of upstream supply chains, markets and consumers. Critically, the TRUE approach will also advise and empower policy amendments that promote uptake of new farming, processing, manufacturing and retailing practices, in line with the societal considerations of the Responsible Research and Innovation model: policy decision making with state-of-the-art science-based information. The TRUE approach is also augmented by an Intercontinental Advisory Board of 10 international experts in legume supply chain and policy from around the world.

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