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Country: Netherlands
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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 821303
    Overall Budget: 2,192,430 EURFunder Contribution: 2,192,430 EUR

    The overall objective of EU-VNP-Net is to establish, support and energise an EU Valuing Nature Network of Networks (EU-VNN) and to implement a prioritised EU Valuing Nature Programme (EU-VNP) that, together, build synergies and collaborations among relevant existing and emerging networks (global, EU, national, sector, thematic, research and innovation), accelerate mainstreaming and operationalization of natural capital (NC) by businesses across the EU – in particular through uptake of NC assessment, NC accounting (NCA), nature-based solutions (NBS) and green infrastructure (GI) – and thereby contribute to the green economy and sustainable development. The EU-VNP will: (1) bring together, taking stock of and showcase relevant work being undertaken in the EU; (2) shape business perception in the EU of the value of nature as a business opportunity and as a means of reducing business risk and fostering sustainable business; (3) facilitate corporate uptake in the EU of the Natural Capital Protocol, which enables businesses to integrate NC in to business decision-making frameworks and models; (4) stimulate uptake in the EU of NCA so that businesses and their stakeholders are better aware of the value of nature in relation to business, and strengthen coherence between private and public sector work on NCA; (5) stimulate uptake in the EU of NBS, GI and related ecosystem-based solutions that enable businesses to reduce impacts and dependencies on NC and deliver benefits for both nature and business; (6) ensure that approaches adopted are optimal and scientifically rigorous; (7) explore options for a longer-term EU-VNN and/or EU-VNP beyond end of project. EU-VNP-Net will deliver impact through: (1) mainstreaming NC assessment, NCA, NBS and GI in business decision-making frameworks and models; (2) business decision-makers acknowledging the micro-and macro-economic relevance and value of NC approaches; (3) attracting private and public funding for further adoption.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 887396
    Overall Budget: 2,189,830 EURFunder Contribution: 2,189,830 EUR

    NetworkNature will establish a European and global platform allowing all interested stakeholders to access and contribute cutting-edge, innovative knowledge and expertise on nature-based solutions (NBS). Our consortium represents all relevant stakeholder groups and has access to a range of related networks. We have a strong track record and extensive expertise on this topic in terms of engagement, content, technical know-how and involvement in relevant policy processes at European Union (EU) and global level. This allows us to maximise the EU’s potential to become a global leader in deploying innovative NBS to address societal challenges, building on the ongoing work of all Horizon 2020 and BiodivERsA-funded NBS projects as well as relevant other initiatives and programmes in Europe and beyond. The project’s legacy will be ensured through establishing a sustainable platform structure that responds to the needs of the NBS community of innovators based on a sound and stable business model; providing support to and strengthening the NBS community, particularly small and medium enterprises, practitioners and policy-makers, to foster market uptake as well as the transfer and application of innovative NBS; by providing targeted dialogue opportunities across Europe and in regions, guidance and capacity building as well as using advocacy as vehicle to nurture NBS through policy, research and practice, particularly for design and standardisation; and, finally, by building on existing global initiatives to continue enhancing international cooperation to upscale the implementation of NBS. NetworkNature will help transform the EU’s vision of becoming a leader for NBS into reality through a comprehensive, up-to-date, open, user-oriented platform for NBS, building on the dynamic, but to date less streamlined development across the involved stakeholders, projects, existing platforms and policies in the EU over the past years.

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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101082268
    Overall Budget: 6,485,800 EURFunder Contribution: 6,332,130 EUR

    The overall goal of A-Track is to consolidate and mainstream activities to accelerate transformation in organisations, such that, by end of project, a critical mass of businesses, financial institutions, and governments, integrate the value of natural capital in their decision-making, helping to halt and reverse biodiversity loss. In doing so, A-Track will contribute to delivery of the European Green Deal. A-Track builds on existing initiatives and best practice to develop, pilot, test, demonstrate and scale innovations in this space. Specifically, A-Track will: (1) develop and demonstrate the use of robust information pathways that facilitate flows of biodiversity information for use in business and financial decisions, and the compilation of public and private sector natural capital accounts; (2) strengthen the life cycle assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services footprints for products and organisations, integrating and further mainstreaming these with natural capital approaches and materiality assessment practices; (3) mainstream and advance natural capital assessment and accounting in businesses and their integration in decision-making across key sectors and business functions; (4) facilitate and incentivize the adoption and scaling of nature-positive business models; (5) nurture financial innovations to scale nature-positive finance based on reliable natural capital data and practice. Emphasis is placed on integration, synthesis and wide engagement across this work. This will deliver wider impacts, in Europe and beyond (through global value chains), in terms of enhanced natural capital and biodiversity, enhanced competitivity of European businesses in the new nature economy, and improved wellbeing derived from enhanced ecosystem services. A-Track brings together an intersectoral and interdisciplinary consortium of leading players who are involved in many of the key related front-runner initiatives across this space, ensuring appropriate synergies.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101059662
    Overall Budget: 4,109,910 EURFunder Contribution: 4,109,910 EUR

    BIONEXT will develop knowledge, tools, and guidance for mainstreaming biodiversity into policy making and provide concrete options on how to initiate, accelerate and upscale biodiversity relevant transformative change in society. It will deliver an innovative Nexus Modelling Framework that will integrate scenarios and pathways in a co-production process with stakeholders, while modelling interlinkages between biodiversity, water, food, energy, transport, climate, and health, and enabling simulation of the impacts of indirect and direct drivers on biodiversity. Through its database of transformative change cases, BIONEXT will involve policy- and decision-makers and allows them to explore the concept of just transformative change. Plausible futures and desirable, nature-positive visions for Europe and multiple just transition pathways will be co-created in workshops and focus groups taking place in various cities around Europe. With the involvement of diverse stakeholders, the BIONEXT Pathways App will be delivered as a novel decision support tool that allows users to explore transformational building blocks, for formulating policies and implementation pathways for the biodiversity nexus. The results will contribute to science brokerage, capacity building and networking to IPBES, EU policymakers, and civil society.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 101082213
    Overall Budget: 5,165,040 EURFunder Contribution: 5,165,040 EUR

    NetworkNature+ will continue NetworkNature’s legacy as a ‘network of networks’ and expand it to engage new audiences in addressing the societal challenges outlined by the EU. It will maintain and enhance the established evidence/demand/policy-driven multi-stakeholder platform for NBS, strengthening partnerships and fostering new relationships around a clear strategic framework for action, underpinned by an updated EU Research & Innovation NBS Roadmap and complementary analysis of policy opportunities for integrating NBS at EU, Member State, regional and local level in view of EU 2030 policy targets and EU Missions. NetworkNature+ will provide scientific NBS insights across selected policy priorities and different European and international contexts. This will guide our work around dialogue, stakeholder interactions, knowledge sharing and awareness raising, resulting in products, standards and advisory services that support the growing NBS community of innovators, practitioners and developers. A targeted training and capacity building programme will promote a step change from siloed, project-based thinking towards an integrated, systemic and stakeholder-led approach to NBS planning, design and investment, while leveraging the role of ecosystems as critical infrastructure that support regenerative economic activities and help reduce biodiversity loss. We will enable regional and Europe-wide transdisciplinary collaboration to answer identified R&I needs for NBS via knowledge exchange between EU-funded NBS R&I projects and stakeholders, together with skills development and capacity building for target groups from science, policy, business and society. International collaboration with key strategic partners (e.g. UNCBD, IPBES, IPCC, UNFCCC, UNEP, UNDRR) and selected regions will enable European expertise to inform the global NBS discourse, contributing to the EC’s vision of “a stronger Europe in the world” and supporting new investments for NBS.

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