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Staffordshire University

Country: United Kingdom

Staffordshire University

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  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/F033303/1
    Funder Contribution: 58,738 GBP

    Mobile Computing and Distributed control Systems (MCDS) research interests cover several areas included in theme 3 (ICT) of the FP7 initiative. These interests include cognitive systems, interaction and robotics, networked embedded and control systems. We are developing ICT based systems in support of the networked enterprise. Theme four of the FP7 initiative covers several additional research areas currently being investigated by the MCDS group. Theme four of the initiative covers nanosciences, nanotechnologies, new materials and production technologies. Our research areas encompass networked embedded and control systems, and intelligent mechantronic systems. The approach is to enhance networked production by developing advanced engineering concepts. A central feature is knowledge sharing and associated distribution of information through the integration of intelligent controls derived from modeling and simulation. Use of virtual production tools provides increased ability to communicate advanced engineering concepts. In addition, we have research applications addressing issues in FP7 theme five which covers energy and associated applications. We are currently investigating renewable energy systems and energy saving methods. In this proposal we request travel expenses for the MCDS members to facilitate participation in the FP7 Calls.

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: 10041487
    Funder Contribution: 353,286 GBP

    no public description

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: AH/J006017/1
    Funder Contribution: 20,976 GBP

    This project will generate new creative writings from north Staffordshire. Rooted in the occupational-health legacy of the past this network will bring together residents, employees, and patients with poets and novelists on one hand, and medical practitioners and policy makers on the other, to reflect on experiences of health, illness and medicine in the region. Through creative writing it is envisaged that participants will come to terms with their health experiences. This will be achieved by a series of workshops to be held in community, health and academic locations, featuring at least one guest writer at each event. Discussions, activities and readings will draw on personal experience and local knowledge to produce a series of writings from lay, creative and academic perspectives. Using an approach which places participants at the centre of the activity will ensure that the detail of the creative work produced will be driven by the community and our partners, rather than imposed by academics, and create a sense of worth and achievement which can be built upon in the future. The narratives generated by participants will provide a rich source of qualitative data for sociologists, historians and health experts to explore, analyse and interpret. The long-term aim of the network will be to secure funding for a peripatetic writer in residence (to be attached to one of the partner organisations ideally to the NHS in north Staffordshire) with a view to establishing a permanent published and performance legacy for the project such as a play, short stories, or other creative output. The creative writer will be based in the community, accessible and responsive to local residents. The creative writer will facilitate encounters between practitioners and community to achieve significant creative output.

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: AH/G008507/1
    Funder Contribution: 27,827 GBP

    My research to date has dealt with interdisciplinary examinations of African American literature and culture, including work on the connections between Pentecostalism and jazz and research into cold war anxieties about miscegenation and homosexuality during the late 1940s and early 1950s in the U.S. My recent work on James Baldwin has focussed on the writer's Pentecostal background in order to illuminate the connections in his work between music and sexuality. I have also published on Baldwin's role as a writer and celebrity during the era of black nationalism, exploring the tensions in his work between masculinity and homosexuality.\n\nI am eager to incorporate this material into a larger and more theoretically coherent study, ensuring that the project makes an original contribution to existing studies of Baldwin's work. My project situates Baldwin's fiction and non-fiction in the four decades out of which his writing emerged, illuminating not only Baldwin's work but showing how it responded to and anticipated contemporary interest in areas such as the transatlantic and black queer writing. My research examines Baldwin's writing in the context of the post-war liberal publications which show-cased his work, including his early US reviews and articles in New Leader and The Nation but also looks closely at Baldwin's connections to Zero, the first post-war English language literary journal in France. I will look at how Baldwin's second novel, Giovanni's Room (1956) responds to and anticipates cold war concerns about homosexuality and miscegenation and my research on Baldwin and religion will be distinguished by a close examination of Baldwin's Pentecostal past. Finally, my work on Baldwin and the transatlantic will extend recent work on Baldwin and France/ Turkey by inaugurating an examination of the author's connections to, and reception in, the United Kingdom and his writings on Africa. My analysis of Baldwin and Africa will draw on uncollected interviews in African publications and will consider his shifting relationship to the African diaspora from the 1950s to the 1970s. \n\nIn the last seven years there have been two exciting collections of essays on Baldwin (James Baldwin Now [1999] and Reviewing James Baldwin [2000]) but there is little work that contextualises Baldwin's work and no recent monograph. Lynn Orilla Scott's, James Baldwin's Later Fiction (2004) focuses on Baldwin's last three novels and Clarence Hardy's James Baldwin's God (2003) touches on Baldwin's fiction but is written from a theological perspective. The most recent single-authored work to examine all of Baldwin's fiction is Trudier Harris's Black Women in the Fiction of James Baldwin (1985). Building on my forthcoming edited collection (The Historical Guide to James Baldwin [Oxford UP, 2008]), my project will make an original contribution to work on Baldwin and post-war writing. The work will be distinguished by its original research but it will also contribute to discussions of Pentecostalism, music, the cold war and black gay writing.\n\nIn the course of my research on Baldwin I have established contacts with numerous Baldwin scholars (I have given papers at the last two international conferences on Baldwin at Howard University, Washington D.C. and Queen Mary, University of London in 2002 and 2007 respectively and will be giving a paper at the American Studies Association on Baldwin in October 2008). I have read the Baldwin papers at the Schomburg Center and I have been awarded a fellowship to the University of Indiana to view Baldwin's letters in June 2008. I have established contacts with two Baldwin biographers (David Leeming and James Campbell) who have given me access to unpublished letters and manuscripts. I have also interviewed friends of Baldwin, including Caryl Phillips, Harold Norse and Themistocles Hoetis (editor of Zero). Thus, this projecttakes Baldwin scholarship forward through the consideration of new material and approaches.

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: G0501287
    Funder Contribution: 304,478 GBP

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