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  • other research product . 2021
    Open Access English
    Vries, Joost; Monteiro, Fanny; Wheeler, Glen; Poulton, Alex; Godrijan, Jelena; Cerino, Federica; Malinverno, Elisa; Langer, Gerald; Brownlee, Colin;
    Project: MZOS | Mechanism of long-term ch... (098-0982705-2731), UKRI | GW4+ - a consortium of ex... (NE/L002434/1), EC | SEACELLS (670390), EC | MEDSEA (265103), UKRI | NSFGEO-NERC An unexpected... (NE/N011708/1)

    Coccolithophores are globally important marine calcifying phytoplankton that utilize a haplo-diplontic life cycle. The haplo-diplontic life cycle allows coccolithophores to divide in both life cycle phases and potentially expands coccolithophore niche volume. Research h...

  • other research product . Other ORP type . 2018
    Open Access English
    Artioli, Y.; Blackford, J. C.; Nondal, G.; Bellerby, R. G. J.; Wakelin, S. L.; Holt, J. T.; Butenschön, M.; Allen, J. I.;
    Publisher: Copernicus Publications
    Project: UKRI | Regional Ecosystem & ... (NE/H017372/1), EC | EPOCA (211384), EC | MEECE (212085)

    The increase in atmospheric CO2 is a dual threat to the marine environment: from one side it drives climate change, leading to modifications in water temperature, circulation patterns and stratification intensity; on the other side it causes a decrease in marine pH (oce...

  • other research product . 2018
    Open Access English
    Chivers, A. J.; Narayanaswamy, B. E.; Lamont, P. A.; Dale, A.; Turnewitsch, R.;
    Project: UKRI | Impact of the Geometry of... (NE/G006415/1), EC | HERMIONE (226354)

    Interest in seamount research has gathered momentum over the past five years in an effort to understand the physical, geochemical and biological characteristics as well as the interconnectedness of seamount ecosystems. The majority of biological seamount research has co...

3 research outcomes, page 1 of 1